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Day 621 of 365 More.

It’s here. The debut issue of but I couldn’t be happier with the quality. It looks great and once again I’m excited about this whole thing again.

I can’t wait til the standard edition gets here tomorrow.

Sorry I’ve fallen behind on answering comments again. Some people have asked about getting the book signed and such. Well, I don’t really know that my signature is worth it so really, you could just order them online, but if you must have a signed copy, you’ll have to wait til after the con when I see how many I have left and how much it will cost to ship things and such. But yeah, I guess let me know if you’re definitely interested and we’ll try to figure something out.

Honestly, I’d rather just not have to deal with it. Wow. I suck as a salesman. BUt hey, look at that thing Damn it’s so pretty!

365 days

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