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Day 619 of 365 More.

So, on Sunday, Steph and I were watching Meet the Press and they showed a clip of Obama speaking about the political mudslinging between Hillary and himself. Obama’s response was a simple hand gesture.

I’m not a Democrat or a Republican. My vote normally goes to someone who is so far outside the norm to be completely unelectable, kinda like me. But I do have to admit, as a lifetime HOVA’s witenss,, I’ve been more amused by this than I have ever been by a presidential candidate ever. I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose, so I for one am happy that at least one candidate is trying to speak to "the people." I have no way of knowing who to, but if you’re reading this, then thanks. For the rest of you, please check it out, and if it’s too expensive, also consider the comic book version.

This evening we reshot the podcast again. And it worked fine. The audio is there, al is happy. Now if I could just get the computer to finish processing it so I can upload and go to bed. Actually I’m tired enough at this point that I’ll probably have to upload it in the morning. But hey, at least it’s done now.

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