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Day 616 of 365 More.

So I came home from work today all set to shoot my first 365 Days podcast tutorial in all the weeks since I started the comic. I took the shots I needed, recorded the audio and then went and hung out with some friends at a bar for a while. When I got home, I started trying to edit the tutorial together. The audio was a snap. But I’ve upgraded my video software since the last time I tried to do anything interesting like this and I can’t get the photos to import correctly to save my life. I’ve been fooling with it for the past few hours. It’s now 4:30am, and well… I quit…

So yeah, this doesn’t really make a lot of sense to look at it. If I get up early enough and I’m smarter than I am right now, then this weeks 365 podcast will finally have a tutorial on the rule of thirds. If not, well… maybe you can play tic tac toe on my picture.


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