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Day 614 of 365 More.

Oh god my head….

I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I started getting a headache during the middle of the day at work and its grown since then. I’ve taken a couple Aleve and I can function, but only barely. It was my intent to just take this pic and post it and be done with it.

BUT… has apparently chosen my new book, Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats IX as one of this weeks "Staff Picks." or maybe just todays? I honestly have no idea how it works. All I know is my views shot up when they did. That was pretty cool. It actually gives me some small measure of confidence that I have some talent. Funny how silly little things like that can affect my mood.

Anyway, I had intended to hold off telling people to go buy the book until the comic version was up, but that website is being a little slower than blurb is. So if you’d like the book version (basically the difference is nicer paper and you get a lot of my photography, which isn’t on flickr, as well as the comic book story, but it costs more), instead of just the comic version, then feel free to go over there and order one. In fact, feel free to go over there just to look at the book. I dunno if knocking my view count up does me any good, but it certainly can’t hurt. And hey, you could always buy the comic too when it comes out. *shrug* Maybe selling a gazillion books would make my headache go away, wouldn’t that be great? You do care about me, don’t you?

Eh… it was worth a shot anyway.

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