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Day 567 of 365 More.

Time for some R&R.

I spent the entire week working overtime in order to get my project done to demo on friday. I woke up early Friday morning with a really bad stomach ache, but it didn’t really matter because I had to go present to the client one way or the other.

So I spent the morning pretending I was ok, and not eating because I was afraid I would vomit i up. The clients loved our new stuff, which is definitely a good thing. After the meeting my bosses offered to buy lunch for the whole team in celebration, but since I still felt sick, I punted and went home early to take a nap. The nap did me a world of good.

When I woke up a few hours later, I had mail from a friend of mine asking a bunch of people to come out to dinner and bowling in celebration of leap day. Since I was feeling better (and hadn’t actually eaten anything all day) I agreed, and Steph and I went out with them. Had a good time, and bowled better than anyone else, but still not as well, as I would hope. I should go more often. If I were in practice I could maybe even be good again.

365 days

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