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Day 563 of 365 More.

I still hate strobes. I really do. I mean, I guess it works well enough, but I can really tell. This pic just looks a little colder and harder than what I like. Anyway, I got the remote triggers in for my flash today. It seems to misfire on occasion but it works pretty damn well for thirty bucks. It’ll get the job done.

Moving on to other things: Remember when I said I had something to say about triplets a couple weeks ago? Well, I finally got around to writing about it in my blog last night. I think it’s interesting stuff. So head over there and check it out and let me know what you think.

Finally, if you still haven’t gotten enough Mav for one night, one of my pictures was used in and article on the electoral college at Penn State. So check that out too.

365 days

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