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Day 547 of 365 More.

Steph was on a day trip with her mom today, so that gave me the whole day to get a bunch of stuff done. I went shopping for some Valentine’s stuff and then I came home and shot this weeks podcast.

The show was great, not only was it the first time I wore my new 365 button (from our sponsors at which gave me a picture for today, but it was also our valentines show, which is pretty awesome as it was kind of a different thing, complete with interviews with other 365ers. I’m quite proud of today’s show and can’t wait to see it once Stephen gets it posted.

It’s funny. They made custom buttons for both Stephen and I. Mine says "Chris Rocks." I always find it odd when people insist on calling me by my first name. I really kinda dislike it. Not enough that’d I’d be pissed or anything. But it’s just not me. My name is Mav. That’s what everyone calls me. Half the time I forget to answer to Chris. Anyway, it took me a while before I realized that they are making a Chris Rock joke.

After the podcast I did a little cleaning and then steph came home. We settled in for some more TV watching. Tonight, after Steph went to bed. I watched the sixth (and latest) movie in the American Pie series. Yes, there have been six of them. And I own every one.

I admit it. I have a problem

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