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Day 546 of 365 More.

Watching TV is weird. Tonight I was able to see a set of triplets who inspired me to want to write a blog entry. A 6 foot 4 man married to a 2 foot 9 woman who assures the interviewer (and home viewer) that the sex is amazing because due to their physical differences they are "capable of positions you can’t imagine" (God I love 20/20), and Hugh Hefner’s three girlfriends prove that even they are brighter than Carson Daly.

I decided to make myself into triplets because of the triplets I saw, thinking that I would write a blog entry about the question that sparked in me, but now I’m tired, so that’s just going to have to wait.

But the anticipation is building, isn’t it? Driving you crazy? You have to know what’s on my mind!

That’s how I hook you…

365 days

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