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Day 543 of 365 More.

So anyone who knows me, reads my blog or watched this weeks podcast(iTunes) probably knows that I am a life-long registered independent. I’ve never been registered as part of either American political party, and thus far, in 16 years of voting, I’ve never voted for a presidential candidate that had a snowballs chance in hell of winning. Why? Because I believe in America, dammit! I believe in a democracy where you vote for someone because they represent something you care about not because they won the "this guy is most likely to beat the other guy so our side wins" contest. Of the 5 legitimate political candidates left, there’s actually a lot I like about 3 of them for different reasons, but thus far, I’m honestly not sure any of them represent me. I appreciate and respect that on about a million political issues, I’m such a minority viewpoint that I don’t even register on the scale. Fine. But don’t expect me to go voting for you just because I disagree with you less often than I disagree with the other guy. The point is, I disagree. And as long as a political binarchy has a stranglehold on politics in this country, its never going to change.

So, how do you get my vote? Simple. Promise me lower taxes, small government, abortion rights, environmental reform, freedom of speech, freedom of press, lower taxes, greatly reformed foreign policy, legalization of prostitution, legalization of gambling, legalization of all drugs, a lowered drinking age, an end to anti-smoking legislation, welfare reform, social secuirty reform, medicare reform, an ammendment to allow naturalized citizens the ability to become president, the end of the ridiculous talk of building a wall around mexico, abolishment of the antiquated legal institution of marriage, the forced anti-trust separation of the aforementioned political parties into no fewer than four distinct splinter groups, the end of the electoral college and actual fucking enforcement of all parts of the first amendment. Hell, promise me half that stuff and make me believe it, and maybe we can talk. I would also really like a pony.

That said, I find the American political process as it currently stands absolutely riveting. On Novemeber 7th, 2000, I was the one guy in the country glued to the TV set all day, crossing my fingers and hoping that somehow there could be a tie for the presidency and jumping for joy when there was. On November 2nd, 2004, I was the guy doing it again.

So I’m loving this process. I don’t get to participate in it. I don’t even want to. But I wish you all the best, I’ll throw in my probably useless vote come November 4th (I live in a blue state, well, actually the prototypical purple state, but given the aforementioned electoral college, we can just call it blue), and then I’m going sit back, grab a beer and watch the fireworks. It’s like having a second Superbowl.

God bless America.

365 days

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