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Day 542 of 365 More.

It’s been quite a while since I did a superhero pic. I didn’t have a good idea for today, I figured it was a good day to bust out the old photoshop skills. Maybe I should do a tutorial about this kinda thing some day on the 365 Podcast. Of course that would be huge. *sigh* Anyway, this weeks is up on the 365 Days podcast website. (iTunes). Check it out.

So anyway, I happened to be wearing this shirt today, and that made the choice of superhero for this picture obvious. Of course, 90% of the people who view this pic won’t know what it means. And of the 10% that do, probably 90% of them will be wrong. But for the 1 in 100 who do get it, they’re gonna think its damn cool.

So anyway, the hero defined. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. Defining who I am. I think I said a while back that I’m finally at a point in my life where I feel confident calling myself an artist. But now I’ve got this ongoing depression that I can’t really push that. I work all day and stay up all hours of the night working on my artwork (on average I probably sleep around 4 hours). Consequently, I’m just exhausted all the time. This really has to stop. Really, what this means is that sooner or later I’ve got to get out of working so that I have time to work.

I have this dream that I one day buy a bar and open my own little club. During the day it would be kinda an artsy student hangout where people like me, but actually in their twenties (I’m eternally in my twenties) would come and hang out and writer, smoke, draw, drink and generally just be beatniks. By night it’d get a little more hopping and I’d have a nice little night club with bands and gogo dancers. In my dreams its a lot like Coyote Ugly. Once a month, we’d have a huge theme party. In August it would be Jammy Jam. And for once in my life I might actually be happy for more than fifteen minutes on a stretch.

Then I remember that I’m poor and have really bad credit. But there’s a bar for lease not far from here that would be perfect. *sigh* Someone want to be my partner and front me a couple hundred thousand dollars? I’ll give you a really cool glowing lightning bat.

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