@DeHoll: yep. It worked out well.

@jessi.: hehehe… Steph says she likes his name!

@espressoDOM: I don’t mind Tiki. The problem with your theory though, is that Plax, the cocky bastard, still pulled it out… eventually.

@max1975: yeah, as a team they really fulfill the hapless wonder role. Kind of a bad news bears story.

@phlewght: yeah, the Tyree catch was amazing, alone and then even more so when you realize that Eli should have been sacked by eight different gys on that play.

@Jack Scoresby: yeah, I was wrong about it too. But I’m kinda happy about that.

@Visual Distress: yep. Every thing is as it should be in the world.

@lrayholly: well, to be fair, he did try to go shake hands with 1 second left in the game. Maybe he was just trying to beat traffic. Nah, Billy’s an asshole. But you knew that from his Cleveland days.

@spresogna: yep. Better than Sweeny Todd anyday! 😛

@nonac.: Nah… I mean good for him with having his moment and all, but I don’t think we really miss him.

@PhotoKat: yep. Everybody hates the Pats. It should have been a national holiday. Hi Bonnie!