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Day 495 of 365 More.

Well, that got your attention didn’t it? More on that later.

So, at long last I’ve finished the coffee table book of the first year of 365 Days. Talk about a labor of love. There’s not just the straight year of self-portraits, editing the book was a bitch and a half. But its finished now, my life story, at least for a year, with forward by Stephen Poff. I couldn’t be happier. if you’re interested, and you know you are.

Back to the picture at hand. My movie co-star and partner in crime, Sarah, called me a couple weeks ago and said she had this great idea for a photoshoot. She wanted to do a series of sexy Steelers themed pin-ups. Totally cheesey. Totally cliché. A sexy girl in her underwear and a football jersey. About as corny and hokey as you can get. So naturally, I was totally up for it.

Then the Steelers started to really suck. Things became bleak. Playoff chances were in doubt. It became evident. We couldn’t just think about doing the shoot. Now we HAD to do the shoot. The team was depending on us. We are fans. We are superfans. We did what we had to do. We rose to the occasion.

In this case rising to the occasion involved packing up my studio lights and *ahem* procuring temporary access to a locker room in an undisclosed location. The big problem see is that Sarah is female, and I’m male, and there really aren’t any lockerrooms that are ok with both of us being in there at the same time, and seeing as how a pin-up shoot takes both a model and a photographer, we had obvious issues here.

So we kinda sneakily smuggle me into a small women’s locker room that we learned we could get access to and she went and got dressed for the shoot in the adjoining bathroom while I set up the lights. About 10 min. later, a security guard came banging at the door. Repeatedly. Finally Sarah answered.

Guard: Who’s in there?

Sarah pokes her head out the door.

Sarah: Hello? I’m getting dressed.
Guard: Are you a man or a woman?
Sarah: I’m a woman.
Guard: Are you sure?
Sarah: Yes, pretty sure.
Guard: Let me see your clothes.

Sarah steps out of the bathroom in nothing but bra and panties.

Guard: Ok then. Someone said you looked like a man going in there.
Sarah: Well, I’m not.
Guard: Is anyone else around here?
Sarah: Not that i can see.

And then finally he left. Totally terrifying. Totally crazy. Totally exhilarating. We shot the locker room portion of our shoot as quickly as we possibly could then she got dressed and we sprinted out of there. Once we got back to my house we shot a few more, including today’s 365, in the studio. The shots will of course be posted later, once I edit them. (I’m still like two models back in finishing up photoshoot editing). But I had to get this one up tonight. Not just for 365. But because I almost got arrested taking one for the team tonight and the Steelers are playing tomorrow night.

So here I am, on hands and knees, begging, between the thighs of a beautiful, half-naked girl. So, Steelers… we did it for you guys. You can do it for us.


365 days

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