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Day 483 of 365 More.

Whenever you see a picture of my finger like this, one can usually assume that I’m bragging about my name being in print somewhere or something like that.

66 years ago, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, dragging America into WWII.

Two and a half years ago some friends of mine put together a band called the Gladstone Ruckus. Sadly, I missed their very first show, but I was at their second and their third. Their fourth happened in my basement at Jammy Jam 2006. In payment, I became their official photographer.

Over the last couple of years I’ve seen the band mature and grow and truly become Phenomenal (coincidentally, the title of my favorite song they perform).

A few months ago, they began working on recording their first CD. Soon after that, two of the four members of the band, Tommy and Lisa, announced they were moving to Hawaii to be beach bums. WIth half of the band leaving the mainland, it seems the band may be over. At least until the other half decides if they want to find replacements or not. And so, it was decided that the Gladstone Ruckus’s CD release party would be the very last show. And given the imminent Hawaii invasion, only one day made sense to do it.

When I walked in the door of the club, Paul, one of the other Ruckus members pulled me aside and said, "have you seen the CD? Make sure you go read the CD!" And there I am, right there in the inside cover liner notes. On my own line of special thanks. Lynn Toliver, eat your fucking heart out! (yeah, there’s like maybe 5 people in the world that will get that reference, but whatever).

Anyway, I just wanted to take this moment to say you’re welcome to the Ruckus, and thank them myself, not just for the credit, but for the shows (they played Jammy Jam again this year, and I only wish I had thought to record it) and for being friends. Long live the Ruckus. Hawaii doesn’t stand a chance. So Paul and Bryon, Thanks. Lisa and Tommy, I’ll miss you and thank you. I love you guys.

Happy Pearl Harbor Day, everyone.

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