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Day 476 of 365 More.

And so do vacations start.

My intent was to take my first picture for vacation right at the cabin. But I got out of work later than I wanted. It always seems that the more I want to leave, the longer I have to stay. Wanted to get on the road right at 5, but didn’t get out of work til 6:30. Picked up Steph and then immediately got caught in traffic.

According to my GPS, I was 10 minutes away and at 11:58, so it wasn’t to be. I had Steph grab my point and shoot, and hand it to me, and so today’s self-portrait was me trying to make my way down a country road to where we’re staying.

Ended up not being all that easy to find the cabin, so it took more than 10 minutes anyway. But now we’re here, relaxing and its great.

365 days

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