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Day 471 of 365 More.

We need new couches. The ones we have in our media room right now predate the Carter administration I think. I got them back in 94 when I lived with Jameel because his mother wanted get rid of them because she had had them forever. When Jameel moved out, he gave them to me because he didn’t think they’d survive being moved. I’ve since moved them 3 times. But they are in really crappy shape.

I bought some the other day, but then when we got home, Steph decided that they probably wouldn’t fit in the room. So now I’ve been redesigning our floorplan trying to figure out where they can go so I can reorder them.

I think this design will work, but its not optimal because the TV ends up moving from the west wall to the north wall which means that it’s opposite the window, which I don’t really want. Also, when we rebuilt the house when we bought it, I had the satellite line run in on the west wall, where the TV is now, so I’d have to extend that line.

That said, it looks like this might add a whole lot of useful space to the room. I dunno.

Also, anyone want to give me a couple thousand dollars so I can afford all of this?

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