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Day 469 of 365 More.

The day after Thanksgiving is a huge party day. This year, I took the initiative and planned a little karaoke outing. Regular readers will realize that Steph and I love karaoke. But what could be better than karaoke? Well, karaoke with strippers of course.

Steph had never actually been to a strip club before and really didn’t have much interest in them, but she’s addicted to karaoke so I knew she’d have a hard time resisting. So I got to gether 5 other friends and we went out to the Tennyson Lodge for what turned in to a great evening.

I sang my usual standards, and the crowd seemed to respond. You gotta figure "Darling Nikki" gains a little something something when a girl with 36DDs shoves your face into her boobs while you’re trying to sing.

It was interesting to say the least.

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