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Day 362 of 365 days.

Jack Scoresby is dead.

I was forced to take his life.

As many of you may know, Jack has been traveling the countryside the last week or so and visiting other flickr photographers. It all sounded very interesting and harmless. He spent the last several days with Katie West. But if you look at Katie’s photostream lately, you will realize that she hasn’t posted a picture that she didn’t take with Jack in days.

I now know the secret. There is a large black chest in my living room that Jack brought with him. When I asked him what it was, he changed the subject. This morning, before he woke up I opened it, Inside I found the head of Katie West and her still beating heart.

I was aghast. Worried. Terrified even. When I turned around, Jack was towering over me with a hatchet in each hand.

I was able to dodge the first blow and make my way to my swords to defend myself. We battled most of the day. It ended badly.

I took Jack Scoresby’s head.

Amazingly, I now feel the power of other flickr photographers running through my veins.

There can be only one!

it’s a shame about Katie though….

365 days

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