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Day 327 of 365 days.

One of the nice things about living in Pittsburgh is that its the home of Zambelli international Fireworks, one of the premier pyrotechnics firms in the country. They put on fireworks for Hollywood movies. They’re great. Which means the Pittsburgh 4th of July celebration is always awesome.

Steph and I live on top of what Pittsburgh likes to call a mountain. It’s not what you’d call a mountain if you lived in the Rockies or the Andes, but its definitely bigger than a hill.

Anyway, Steph and I went over to a local bridge to watch the firework display downtown. I was so dedicated to getting this shot, that I ignored everyone else on the bridge running to the other side. It turns out a brush fire started right under the bridge we were standing on. Presumedly set off by some local kid playing with store bought fireworks or something. Anyway, I was unable to get a shot of it before the fire department put it out, and I didn’t even get a good shot of the fire department (I tried, but shooting through a bridge is hard). If I’d had time I could have rushed down under the bridge and got a shot of them fighting the fire, but I did not. So there you go, the 365 Day project is more important to me than breaking news.

365 days

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