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Day 292 of 365 days.

Four, count them, four days in a row without a studio shot. If that’s not some kind of record for me, I don’t know what is.

It came to my attention that, what with being wrapped up on the Tarot deck and all, I was basically shooting all chiaroscuro images for almost every shot lately, and I decided that not only did I need to do something with a little more color, but it would be nice to get outside and shoot with some natural light. So I met up with one of my models, Amaya, and she took me to a gorgeous mountain state park in West Virginia to do a photoshoot. As the trip took me pretty much all day, it was a pretty simple guess what the 365 shot of the day would be.

Silly note, I actually took two shots like this. After looking at the first one, I said "ugh, my hair is a mess" and took a second. However, when looking through the photos at home, I realized, "it was windy and I was 5000 feet up in the air. It’s ok if my hair is a little out of place." I even kinda like it. Hooray for anime hair.

365 days

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