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Day 255 of 365 days.

Most people hate the winter, I’m now missing it. Today was the first day this spring that I had to mow the lawn. The last couple years, I haven’t had to mow my own lawn because I used to pay the guy who lived across the street (a professional gardner/landscaper) to do it for me. He moved this winter, and now I am stuck doing my own yard work. And it’s always hardest doing the first mowing of the season because the grass is that much thicker and lush. And our lawn is huge.

I think I now definitely want kids. That grass doesn’t mow itself. Except I don’t really want to wait ten years for the kids to be old enough to do the work. Anyone have a spare ten-year-old they’d like to sell me and Steph cheaply?

Yes, my underwear are showing.

365 days

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