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Day: March 21, 2007


Day 222 of 365 days. Had my second interview with a company today (third if you count the phone interview I did first) and it seemed to go well. They probably want me to meet with another person next week. I actually kind of like the job, but really I’ll be kinda upset if I’ve…

Cathedral of Learning

Cathedral of Learning

For the Class With Dave group. Assignment: Black and White architecture. This is a repeat assignment from earlier. My original version of this assignment was a much more standard, though high contrast B&W night scene, so I decided to go with something more creative and different from what I normally do. This was shot in the afternoon on the University of Pittsburgh campus. In order to get more fantastic and less realistic tones, I used a combination of Channel Mixer, Curves and Levels adjustment layers with layer masks.

Channel Mixer:
Red: +40 Green: +180 Blue: -100

Levels 1:
input Black: 10 Gray: 1.00 White: 233
output Black: 0 White: 255
with a layer mask blocking out the right (bright) side of the sky.

Curves (input,output):
0,0 41,90 168,141 197,181 228,137 255,255
with a layer mask blocking out the building and the tree

Levels 2:
input: Black: 0 Gray: 1.24 White: 255
output Black: 0 White: 255