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Day: March 16, 2007

Currently in explore

Currently in explore

As far as I can tell, I’ve had 65 pics in explore at one time or another (at least that I’ve caught in Scout), but this is the most I’ve ever had in at once. Maybe I’ll update this anytime I notice that I’ve reached a new high.

Of course, I’m sure tomorrow I’ll drop down to four or something.

1. Styles Clash, 2. Little Girl at Niagra Falls, 3. 1-21-07, 4. 1-12-07, 5. 2-28-07, 6. 11-2-06, 7. 3D Chess, 8. 8-17-06,

9. 11-30-06, 10. 8-12-06, 11. 3-11-07, 12. 2-14-07, 13. Theadana 6, 14. Jenn’s Cleavage, 15. 1-7-07, 16. 10-2-06

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Day 217 of 365 days. I was looking through my previous pictures earlier and just enjoying seeing where I’ve been and what I’ve done, and I realized that I hadn’t really done a simple portrait in quite a while. I’ve just been taking shots that were somehow related to my day and talking about that.…