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Day 214 of 365 days.

I had a job interview today. Went in and was corporate Mav. Or as close to that as I get these days. I probably could have gotten SOME job a while ago, but I’ve been so unhappy with SOME job in the past that now I’m pretty much laying all my cards on the table and looking for a GOOD job. So I went, in and I was myself. I’ll put on the business casual, but I won’t take out the earrings. I’ll be nice and courteous, but I won’t pretend I’m interested in things I’m not. The battle of duality continues.

By the way, I actually had this idea a few days ago and let it kind of fester in my head until today when I figured out exactly how I was going to do it on the drive home from my interview. And especially since I had been thinking about the whole duality thing, it seemed particularly appropriate. Originally I was just going to be fighting myself, but then I realized I hadn’t done any super power pictures in a while. I chose to recerate characters from earlier in the project for this picture. So we have Sunsword Mav from Day 22 and Cosmic Mav from day 2. Hmm…. maybe I should have waited til day 222. Oh well.

365 days

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