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Month: February 2007


Day 199 of 365 days. There was actually a lot I wanted to get around to doing today. Working on some photo editting. Working on my paper for the conference. Playing some quality video games. Didn’t really get to any of that. Instead, I spent the day doing phone interviews for a couple different jobs.…


Day 196 of 365 days. Introducing the NEW Black Diamond Wrestling tag team champions! (Affirmative Action: Brandon X and the Notorious M.A.V., pictured here with our manager Johnny Matthews) Went to Brilliant, Ohio for a wrestling show today. Competed in a Tower of Terror match. Maybe one of the stupidest things I’ve ever done. Basic…


Day 195 of 365 days. I got home very late last night from that old lady’s house that I mentioned yesterday. I wish someone had warned me about her. She wanted to do unspeakable things. Just unspeakable! Anyway, it was another productive day for FUNemployed Mav. I talked to a couple different recruiters about jobs.…

Gina Silhouette

Gina Silhouette

Did a photo shoot with my nine month pregnant friend Gina the other day. I haven’t edited most of the photos yet (I’m still working on editing the pics from the shoot before it) but I wanted to use this one for Class with Dave.

Anyway, Gina wanted nice artsy pictures of herself while pregnant. And since the baby is due any day now, it seemed like we should get them done sooner rather than later.

The class with Dave assignment was to create a backlit silhouette. And Gina wanted one anyway, it all worked out perfectly.