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Day 159 of 365 days.

My unemployment day has worked into a pretty good routine. I get up late, play around with flickr and my photography (today, editting my friend Nicki’s photoshoot), then I talk to people online, eat lunch and get in my daily workout. My flickr friend, the lovely and talented Jessi has been harrassing me to post a hot sweaty post workout picture. Not having had a better idea today, I decided to comply. I don’t know if I’m sexy or not, but at least when I’m all sweaty and blown up 5 seconds after 30 minutes of cardio, I look like I’m kinda starting to get back into shape.

Oh yeah, the ladies love me…. I think.

On another note, I found out today that I was voted most improved wrestler of the year 2006 by the fans of Black Diamond Wrestling. Maybe once I lose another 7 or 8 pounds I’ll feel like I deserve it.

365 days

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