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Day 108 of 365 days.

The superlong weekend is over and its back to business as usual. I have entered what can only be considered the lameduck phase at work. I only have about one month left on my contract and then its back to the unemployment line. The unemployment doesn’t really scare me. If anything I am looking forward to it. But it’s nice that I’ll at least be working til after the holidays. In any case, its even harder than usual to remain motivated. I’m still getting a lot done, but more and more I just want to get home every day and do something creative.

I had today’s idea on the way home. I enjoyed plaing with light and shadow a lot, yesterday and wanted to go for a different effect. This one was achieved with the only light source being the candle I am holding. It’s not quite the effect I was looking for, but it was an interesting exercise and perhaps something that is worth revisiting again in the future.

365 days

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