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Day 94 of 365 days.

This is something I had been meaning to try for a while. Kind of the opposite of something I had been doing for a while. Pi c’s had recommended it when she saw some of my pictures where I faded into the black background. This is my attempt to fade into a white background. White is a little harder because it involes pumpinp up the color saturation so high that you almost get a posterized effect. My intent was to have my arms completely opaque and not faded out like this butI kind of misplaced my spotlight, leaving much brighter highlights on arm and face than I had intended. So when I pumped the exposure way up to get rid of the detail in the shirt, I blew out the highlights on the left side of my body. In the end, I actually kind of like the effect and think it’s interesting.

I am kind of interested to see what other people think.

365 days

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