You’ve caught a great pose/moment here, well done.

However…you’ve got some camera shake there which makes the photo rather soft. The right side of her dress and the top right corner are overexposed, leaving very distracting bright white areas.

Composition is nothing special. She’s not centered, but is not far enough away from centered to make it interesting, merely distracting.

Is this supposed to be grainy and slightly grey-toned? I’m not sure of the effect you were trying to gain if so, I’m afraid it just creeps me out. It’s the sort of effect you’d use if you were doing a "olde-haunted-castle" type photo and seems out of place here on a cute photo of a little girl. Unless you’re trying to imply she’s demonically possessed or something…

Creativitity = 3 Composition = 2
Colours…. = 2 Capture……. = 3
Rated Total = 12