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Day 56 of 365 days.

Rather than having dining room furniture, Steph and I have converted our dining room into an old fashioned bar. The corner piece of it is a bar my grandfather built back in 1976. When he died a couple years ago, I inherited it and transported it to our house. I put in new barstools, hung a TV and a shelf over it, and I even have a lightup Guinness sign hanging over it. I think its one of the most unique features of our house. One of these days I’ll have to take a picture of me behind it to add to this project. Anyway, Steph decided last week that she wanted to get a table for the dining room as well. I didn’t really want to ruin the bar appeal. We compromised by getting a bar height diner style table and placing it against the wall. We also picked up some more barstools for it (that match our other barstools). All of this came from Ikea, the source of all good things in the universe. Being that it was Ikea furniture, we of course had to assemble it ourselves. This presented a good idea for a self-portrait. So this is me assembling the barstool that I am currently sitting on.

365 days

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