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Day 30 of 365 days.
And the third day of my attempt to Bring Sexy Back. First of all, I am absolutely totally astounded that I made it this far, and remarkably I don’t even want to quit. Even though there are days like today when I just don’t really feel like putting energy into it. I spent most of the day working on a different creative project. Then I realized I still needed to not only snap a picture, but due to my own self challenge it needed to be sexy. I decided I’d just snap a pic with a towel on as i got out of the shower. Boring I know, but whatever, they can’t all be winners. Then as a random aside, Pi C’s suggested that maybe it’d be cool if I drew a sexy portrait and that got me thinking. I have this idea for a digital drawing self-portrait that I’m going to do down the line, and maybe I could use this as an opportunity to test a couple techniques. So here we go.

It kind of harkens back to my old Photosketches a bit.

I actually do have something a little more substanative planned for tomorrow. We’ll see if I get to it or not.

365 days

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